Don’t know where I’m going with this…

I’m not entirely sure where this post is going but bear with me and indulge me a little. Over the past few days three close friends have said things to me, about me, that have really taken me aback. Like, really nice things that I hadn’t even thought about myself.

Now these are people that I trust implicitly and I’m still surprised at the, I guess complimentary, comments they’ve made. Added to this is that they weren’t all about the same thing, the friends all don’t know each other and that in each instance I wasn’t searching for affirmation or praise.

So it got me thinking about how we view ourselves. I would say I have very high self esteem and I guess that is why these things surprised me because despite my own self esteem I hadn’t thought about myself in these ways. See, I warned you this was a bit random. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you have something positive to say about someone, say it to them. You might just make their day and you might just get them to be reflective. I make a habit of surrounding myself with positive like-minded people; something that is clearly paying off.

As for the comments, they have all made me see myself in a slightly different light at a time when I am having to make lots of decisions about my future. I’m struggling a little with how I define myself and these conversations have helped a lot. It’s interesting how other people view you and one thing I now know about myself is that I no longer just fit into one box. In the past I have been defined by my job or my roles…I feel like I am really moving away from this now. Maybe I’m just so much more comfortable and confident just being me? Who knows?
Your thoughts and comments very welcome on this somewhat random post.


Author: miraclesofmatter

Living the kiwi dream, ex-pat Brit in Auckland, NZ. Mother to two girls. Interested in anything and everything.

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