Only those who care about you can hear you when you’re quiet

Have you ever had one of those friends that is so different to you that it’s sometimes impossible to imagine how you actually became friends? And yet, you find each other and you are connected first by the tiniest thing, in the grand scheme of things, and then the connection grows?

Everything about you is different; backgrounds, beliefs, opinions. You often disagree, you often debate, you sometimes fight. Not many people make me do that. A friend that brings out a side of me that needs to be out. A friend who knows so much about me, at times they probably know me better than I know myself.

But then one day the friendship stops. It breaks your heart, it makes you cry, you stop eating, but it has to stop. That was my doing in a way of looking after myself, but I’m going to say it’s just on hold. It’s like we are in some bizarre holding pattern, waiting to land in the same place again. Every now and then it feels like we are going in the right direction and that is happening more and more often. It’s quite possible that what brought us together in the first place might bring us back together. Time will tell.

It’s one of those connections that will always exist no matter what. Will it ever be the same? I doubt it. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so but right now I just bide my time.

There are things I want to say and the main one is that I miss that friendship on a daily basis. Some people come and go from your life and you don’t miss them. There are friends for different times and different places. And then there are friends that are always there, even in the background. This has happened to me at several times throughout my life and I know that eventually our paths have crossed again and the journeys in between have not been important. I hope this happens again. 

Friendship isn’t about time. It’s about caring. I care. 


Author: miraclesofmatter

Living the kiwi dream, ex-pat Brit in Auckland, NZ. Mother to two girls. Interested in anything and everything.

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