“Haven’t we heard enough?”…questions, questions and more questions. 

Instead of a blog post of prose today I am going to write you a list of questions I have been asked today by my three year old. You will either have empathy or sympathy for me, or laugh. This isn’t a comprehensive list, just a snapshot…and may I remind you this is just one day, twelve hours of her awake time. Here goes nothing:

  1. How do you build houses?
  2. How do you get the roof to stay on?
  3. Can I have a Weetbix on top of my porridge?
  4. Do I have to wear clothes?
  5. Can I change my clothes?
  6. Can I take my clothes off?
  7. Why is Auroa called Auroa?
  8. But why did her mum and dad call her that?
  9. Do mermaids get water in their eyes?
  10. Why does no one tell Ariel that she’s a good swimmer?
  11. Can I have morning tea for lunch?
  12. Is this a late morning tea or an early lunch?
  13. Can I have honey and ham on my sandwich?
  14. Can I take my clothes off?
  15. How do volcanoes work?
  16. Why are they so hot?
  17. Where do taniwhas live?
  18. Why don’t they burn themselves?
  19. Do lions, tigers and bears live in the woods?
  20. Why is it dark at night?
  21. Is the earth moving?
  22. Why do we have to brush our teeth?
  23. Why doesn’t my sister want to play with me?
  24. Why does the cat not wear shoes?
  25. Is it a kindy day tomorrow?

And in answer to that last question I say “Yes! Yes it is indeed a Kindy day tomorrow. Phew.”


Author: miraclesofmatter

Living the kiwi dream, ex-pat Brit in Auckland, NZ. Mother to two girls. Interested in anything and everything.

3 thoughts on ““Haven’t we heard enough?”…questions, questions and more questions. ”

  1. Oh I hear you Jude! I keep getting asked questions prefaced with, “What would happen if…..” The worst thing is sometimes I don’t even have the brain power to think of an answer so I’m just like I don’t know.


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